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Coach Rick Karboviak

Sauk Rapids, MN


As a past fitness and sports performance trainer, I have developed a lot of 'hacks' to help athletes and others find better ways to train with some of the simplest items out there. 
ASAP Workouts used to be my training business name when I did part-time work as a trainer in my off-time. 
Now, it has transitioned to being an online resource of guides and products to help out coaches and athletes. 
I've coached the following sports:
Track & Field
HS Club Tennis
College Club Track & Field
Currently I'm a coach with Special Olympics teams, with experience of working for a state SO organization in the past as well for Unified Sports. 
During some of my coaching experience, I was also working for fitness and performance centers or working as an independent trainer.  Along the way, I have used simple tools to get results for the athletes I trained privately and with the teams I coached.
I have a few guides I created on Amazon Kindle, but here are some free resources for you to read:
FIt XT: SPARTA Protocol - a 4 to 8 station circuit for Speed & Agility for almost any athlete! 
Download PDF Here
SPARTA Protocol: Workout Sheet - Download Here
New Article: Training for Agility While Social Distancing: Download Here
Here are some of my best selling guides on Amazon Kindle below: