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Coach Rick Karboviak

Sauk Rapids, MN


I'm Coach Rick Karboviak, a certified FiTour personal trainer and ASFA Sport-Specific Trainer.
I've also taken the ACE Special Olympics Inclusive Fitness Training course. 
ASAP Workouts used to be my training business name when I did part-time work as a trainer.
Now, its a new source for athletes and coaches of Special Olympics to find some creative speed and agility workouts! 
Currently I'm a coach with Special Olympics teams in central MN, with experience of working for a state SO organization in the past as well for Unified Sports. 
I have seen a great need for additional training resources for SO athletes, as practices are limited and training frequencies are few while in preparation for competition.  The need for additional, brief workouts can help out these athletes with some guidance from family members or ones that are with them on a daily basis, such as caretakers in group homes.
Equipment may be limited, so I have kept that in mind as well in using inexpensive training aids that have more than one use. These aids can be combined to create fun and effective workouts to help the athletes become fitter, stronger and enjoy their activities that much more.  The workouts are primarily speed, balance and agility based exercises meant to do in a circuit format, with work periods and rest periods that resemble the work/rest patterns found in most sports. 
Here is my "Speed Week" System, meant to do up to 3 workouts per week over 7 weeks. 
Each week has their own workout to do for up to 3 times that week. 
Each workout has a workout file and supporting demonstration video.
Speed Week 1 Workout
Download Here!
Speed Week 1 Video:
Speed Week #2 Workout:
Download Here!
Speed Week #2 Demo Video:
Speed Week #3 Workout:
Download Here!
Speed Week #3 Demo Video:
Speed Week #4 Workout File: Download Here! 
Speed Week #4 Video:
Speed Week #5 Workout: Download Here!
Speed Week #5 Video:
Speed Week 6 Workout Sheet: Download Here!
Speed Week 6 Video:
Week 7:  Athlete's Choice!
Have the athlete pick their 3 favorite workout circuits and do one round from each of the circuits!
Example:  Jump Rope for Round 1, Agility Ladder for Round 2, and Hurdle Drills for Round 3
Let the athlete choose their own combination for all three workouts for this week.
I have a few guides I created on Amazon Kindle, but here are some free resources for you to read:
FIt XT: SPARTA Protocol - a 4 to 8 station circuit for Speed & Agility for almost any athlete! 
Download PDF Here
SPARTA Protocol: Workout Sheet - Download Here
Here are some of my best selling guides on Amazon Kindle below: